NeoDynamics AB (publ) is a public limited company listed on the Spotlight Stock Market since 7 December 2018. All documents are in Swedish.



Bord of Directors



The company's auditor is Margareta Kleberg, chartered accountant at BDO auditors.

Articles of Association

Nomination committee

  • Chairperson: Johan Thorell, representing Gryningskusten
  • Jie Bao, representing Huasheng Fang and Boai NKY Medical Holdings (China), via NKY Sweden AB
  • Sebastian Jahreskog, representing Jahreskog
  • Ingrid Salén, representing the board and convenor

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General Meetings

Extraordinary General Meeting November 2020

Extraordinary General Meeting August 2020

Annual General Meeting May 2020 

Extraordinary General Meeting January 2020