The Market

The market for breast biopsies is growing

  • 2.1 million - Every year about 2.1 million women globally are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • 5% - The increase in number of women with breast cancer diagnosis annually.
  • 6 million - Annually, at least 6 million breast biopsies are performed to diagnose suspected cancer.
  • $ 500 million - The market for breast cancer diagnosis is worth $ 500 million annually merely based on US, EU, China and Japan markets.

Needle biopsies are increasing

  • At the expense of surgical biopsies.
  • More tumours are detected (thanks to extended screening programs and new screening techniques).

Biopsies are needed throughout the treatment process

  • To determine diagnosis.
  • To choose the right type of treatment.
  • To follow the effects of the treatments.1

Strategy and commercialisation

EU: We are in the final development stages with NeoNavia. Our goal is to apply for CE certificates in the second half of 2019. Our prioritized markets for launch are the UK, Germany and Sweden.

Outside the EU: Regulatory applications in the US and China are planned for 2019 and 2020 respectively. The plan is to follow up with launches in both markets immediately after approved applications. In China, we have a stable and long-term owner in Boai NKY Medical Holdings Ltd, an established and respected player in the Chinese MedTech market.

We see great growth potential to extend use of the system to other indications such as prostate, thyroid, kidney, liver and bone tissue.

Development projects

Biopsy Marker. We are developing a technology for biopsy markers optimized for ultrasound. The markers will be a valuable addition to the NeoNavia system and will facilitate further tissue sampling for patients undergoing treatment.

Skin biopsy instrument. We also run a development project in a separate company, Szafran Biopsy AB, together with dermatologist Rebecca Szafran. The company will further develop an improved punch biopsy instrument for more efficient sampling of skin changes. NeoDynamics supports the project with key competence.


increase in breast cancer diagnoses every year

6 million

breast biopsies are performed every year

$500 million / year

is the size of the market in the breast cancer domain