New Swedish technology for breast cancer diagnosis tested by leading experts in Germany

NeoDynamics´ German multi center study (PULSE)[1] was presented for 150 participants at the annual AWOgyn-meeting

The Working Group on Breast Cancer Surgery in the German Association for Obstetrics and Gynecology (AWOGyn e.V)[1], gathered during the weekend of 8-9 February for its annual scientific meeting in Munich.

NeoDynamics participated together with about 20 other companies active in breast cancer diagnosis and surgery. The purpose was primarily to answer questions about the ongoing PULSE[2] study and recruit additional centers interested in participating in the study. In addition, the goal was to create awareness of the NeoNavia pulse biopsy system, which combines ultrasound-guided biopsy needles (VAB and CNB) with pulse technology. NeoDynamics’ proprietary front-loaded biopsy needle is currently being evaluated in the PULSE study.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. with. Marc Thill from the Agaplesion Markus Krankenhaus in Frankfurt presented NeoDynamics' recently started German multicenter clinical study (PULSE) for the approximately 150 participants. Dr Thill also introduced the NeoNavia biopsy system with the patented micropulse technology and proprietary pulse biopsy needle used in the study for tissue sampling in axillary lymph nodes.

"For me, this technology has made it easier to perform axillary biopsies. In the PULSE study we will specifically evaluate how the NeoNavia biopsy system and the new type of pulse biopsy needle developed by NeoDynamics performs in the axilla, but also map axillary lymph node management in general. Our entire work group supports this study, which we believe will benefit us in the development of breast cancer diagnosis. We received encouraging feedback from the participants and several centers expressed interest in joining the study,” says Priv.-Doz. Dr. Marc Thill, who also is representative of the board in the AwoGyn working group.

"We are pleased that our pulse biopsy system received such interest among leading specialists in the country and that several clinics expressed interest to test the product with the three needle types” says Kai-Uwe Schässburger, head of clinical development and medical issues.

[1] http://www.awogyn.de/

[2] Percutaneous Ultrasound-guided biopsy evaluated for axillary Lymph node Sampling Efficacy.

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About NeoDynamics

Every year, approximately 2.1 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer, increasing by five percent per year. NeoDynamics has developed the NeoNavia® biopsy system which facilitates and improves tissue sampling (biopsies) in breast cancer patients, with a new patented micropulse technology. This method gives precision and control. In close collaboration with leading clinicians, we have gained experience of having used the technology in more than 300 procedures at around 15 university hospitals across Europe. NeoDynamics is currently completing development of the commercial version of NeoNavia. Among several design and usability features it integrates micropulse technology with multiple needle options for maximum versatility. NeoNavia is expected to be launched towards the end of 2019 in a breast biopsy market worth approximately USD 500 million per year. The technology is likewise suited for cancer diagnostics in other organs such as prostate, lung, kidney and liver.