2024-02-29 Regulatory

Update on NeoDynamics’ Management Team

Anna Eriksrud announces desire to retire as CEO of NeoDynamics.

Anna Eriksrud, CEO joined NeoDynamics in 2016 and led the company from the start-up phase through to FDA clearance of NeoNavia ® and commercial launch in Europe and the US.

 “Well into my sixties, it is time for me to consider my next chapter and prepare for an orderly management transition at NeoDynamics. When I joined NeoDynamics in 2016, I was hired to bring the company forward to commercial proof of concept, including establishing a network of KOL ambassadors at leading hospitals, and we’re now very close to attaining these important milestones. I am proud of the results we have achieved, and not least the 2022 FDA clearance in the US.” says Anna Eriksrud, CEO, NeoDynamics.

Ingrid Salén, Chairman comments: “We are grateful to Anna for having safely navigated NeoDynamics through turbulent times. The Covid 19 pandemic, changing ownership structures and finetuning products have made the already challenging certification process and finding key stake holders even more difficult. Anna has taken on these many challenges with much energy and a clear vision. NeoDynamics is now well positioned to leverage our technology and achieve commercial success. Anna will remain until a new CEO is in place to ensure a smooth transition and will have an advisory role through 2024.”

For further information, please contact:
Ingrid Salén, Chairman NeoDynamics AB, phone +46 657 1515 or e-mail Ingrid.salen@rentability.se
Anna Eriksrud, CEO NeoDynamics AB, phone +46708 444 966 or e-mail anna.eriksrud@neodynamics.com