2024-02-12 Regulatory

NeoDynamics sets out the record date of the reverse share split

On 2 February 2024, the extraordinary general meeting in NeoDynamics AB (publ) (“Neodynamics” or the “Company”) resolved on a reverse share split of the Company’s shares, whereas one hundred (100) shares are consolidated to one (1) share. It was further resolved to authorise the Company’s board of directors to resolve on the record date for the reverse share split. NeoDynamics’ board of directors has today resolved to set the record date for the reverse share split to 19 February 2024.

Timetable for the reverse share split:

15 February 2024Last trading day in NeoDynamics’ shares before the reverse share split.
16 February 2024First trading day in NeoDynamics’ shares (which entails that, from and including that day, the share price will reflect the effect of the reverse share split).
19 February 2024Record date of the reverse share split.

Shareholders do not need to take any action to participate in the reverse share split.

As a result of the reverse share split, NeoDynamics’ share will change its ISIN code. Starting from 16 February 2024, the Company's share will be traded with the new ISIN code SE0021615655.

After the reverse share split, the total number of shares in the Company will decrease from 724,595,100 shares to 7,245,951 shares. The shares will have a quota value of SEK 1.725 per share.

On the general meeting, the Company also resolved on a rights issue and on a reduction of the Company’s share capital, which have been previously announced in a press release on 2 February 2024. The reduction of the share capital will be submitted for registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office in connection with the registration of the upcoming rights issue. This entails that the shares, after the registration of the rights issue and the reduction of the Company’s share capital, will have a quota value of SEK 0.10 per share.

Shareholders whose holdings of shares on the record date are not evenly divisible by 100 will receive shares from Gryningskust Holding AB, one of the Company's larger shareholders, free of charge to make the holding evenly divisible by 100. The provision of the shares will be arranged by Euroclear Sweden AB, without any further action required by the shareholder.

For further information, please contact:

Anna Eriksrud, CEO NeoDynamics AB, phone +46708 444 966 or e-mail anna.eriksrud@neodynamics.com

Aaron Wong, CFO NeoDynamics AB, phone +46735 972 011 or e-mail aaron.wong@neodynamics.com

About NeoDynamics

NeoDynamics AB is a Swedish Medical Technology Company dedicated to advancing diagnosis and care of cancer. The company’s first product NeoNavia®, a new innovative pulse biopsy system for ultrasound-guided tissue sampling, is currently being introduced to the market. The biopsy system is built on a patented pulse technology, based on research at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. NeoNavia is evaluated for breast cancer diagnosis at leading clinics in Europe and launches in USA during 2023. NeoDynamics’ shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm (ticker: NEOD). The company’s Certified Adviser is Redeye AB.

About NeoNavia

NeoNavia is a modern biopsy system with a completely new patented pulse technology intended for ultrasound-guided tissue sampling. Each needle type is driven by the pulse technology providing a more controlled needle insertion and precise placement of the needle in the tumor whilst enabling high-quality tissue samples from both breasts and lymph nodes. The pulse biopsy system NeoNavia is designed to offer clinicians and patients accurate lesion targeting and high tissue yield for correct diagnosis and individualized treatment.

About Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute is consistently ranked amongst the world's best medical schools, ranking 6th worldwide for medicine in 2021. The Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.